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Hold on to your asses, Survivor Series competitors


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If that's your interpretation, you might have your mind a little too dedicated on the poop shoot...

Actually... BINGO!

Honestly... I just made the appointment for my annual physical. Let's just say that I've reached that "magical" age when visits to my physician have become much more... oh, "poop-chute intimate".

If only he'd offer to take me to dinner and a show, maybe I wouldn't feel so "used". Of course my wife thinks it's a riot!

Brian in Boston

I can commisserate brother Brian. Last year was my introduction to that rite of passage into old manhood. Of course in 2002, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer so that automatically qualified me for the triennial colonoscopy club. Consider yourself lucky that you'll get by with a just a gloved finger rather than the entire garden hose department at Home Depot. Suffice it to say I've been the "butt" of some domestic joking as well.

What? Sports Logos? Huh?

Count me in that club as well, I've had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy during the same procedure. Not fun, luckily I was out cold, so I don't remember a thing.




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Five "whoa"s AND a Joey Lawrence.

I win!  :D

yes... but the question is what did u win....

Well, obviously he won a photo of Joey's nipple.

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




Going to college gets you closer to the real world, kind of like climbing a tree gets you closer to the moon.

"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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You poor hetero boys. Haven't your ladies been kind enough to introduce you to the wonders of the prostate? ^_^

And... mmmmmm, Chipotle.......

Hell no, my prostate isn't in the game, he's not even on the freakin' team. Everybody leave my prostate alone! Sorry, night-terrors.

El Ferol at 63rd and Archer Avenue has the best beef tongue burrito this side of San Jose.

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