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National Baseball League - Orlando Orange Final Updates 1/12


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Welcome to the National Baseball League. It is a brand new league that will start play in July of 2015. The league was brought forth this summer to give fans a new baseball experience due to the decline of the MLB. The teams will all play a 34 game schedule from July to September and have a total of 6 Inter league games. The All-Star game will be introduced in year two and is hosted at the Runner Up from the American Series Series No divisions have been set due to the lack of starting teams. In the next few years the League will be open to expand the amount of teams. Showcasing 12 teams, 3 in each conference make the playoffs, Top seed gets a bye and the 2-3 seeds play a best of 3 series. Winner faces the 1 Seed in the WCF and ECF (Western,Eastern Conference Finals). Winners face off in the American Series to play for the Washington Trophy. Hope y'all enjoy! Team Branding to come out very soon!


National Baseball League

Western Conference:

San Diego Tide

Tucson Gila Monsters

Oregon Pioneers

Salt Lake City Lakers

Colorado Peaks

Las Vegas Spades

Eastern Conference:

Orlando Orange

Lexington Thoroughbreds

Raleigh Fliers

Virginia Red Birds

Tallahassee Pennies

D.C Americans


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New York, LA and Chicago are the 3 Largest cities in the U.S. So unless I missed something and this is a minor league, you really need to have at least two of those three cities with a team

Judging from the other cities he picked, he probably is just using cities that traditionally don't have professional baseball teams.

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New York, LA and Chicago are the 3 Largest cities in the U.S. So unless I missed something and this is a minor league, you really need to have at least two of those three cities with a team

It is his concept after all

No he has a good point, I think for this League I am going to stay away from bigger cities until expansion comes around.

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Orlando Orange Team Branding! The Orlando orange are the first team to have their team branding released to the public. In a statement by the organization, owner John Hackman said the logos represent the state and area in which they reside. He also said that the Orange Secondary Logo was created in hopes of making an Orange Logo that would be recognizable as the Orlando Orange and would hope to make a bold statement with it. Leave Feedback, hope you like, unis will be worked on shortly.


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I feel like the cap logo is good, but a couple of opportunities were missed. If you thicken the outside border, it will give the appearance of an O for Orlando. I'd also add some stitches to the orange to make it look like a baseball as well.

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Burned my hand pretty bad today so any work on this thread will be delayed a week or so, Imay be able to get one or two things out but I'm typing one handed at the moment so idk.

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Was able to complete the uniforms, The Orange, being the first team to unveil a uniform set wanted to keep them simple and not over the top, eliminating the use of alternate jersey for the opening season. Thank you to dsaline97 for the template, Not getting any comments on this thread, should I restart as a new league? I know my presentation has been sloppy and I apologize


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The logos look pretty good. I would look into some more realistic laces of a baseball, possibly something like this (with no watermark obviously):


Have the laces connect with the purple outline. Also, making the purple bigger or the orange smaller would help as well.

As far as the uniforms are concerned, there's a few consistency issues that are holding it back:

1. The belts. For me, belts are either the color of the hat or another fairly dark color. I don't know if this is an actual rule or not, but in my mind the belt should always be the same or darker than the socks. So, in this case, purple would be the way to go.

2. The jersey scripts. In most cases, the team nickname is on the home and the city/state name is on the road jersey. There's teams like St. Louis, Texas, and Philadelphia that only have one script and use it on both jerseys, but since you have both, I would switch them.

3. I would switch the home Nike logos to purple to stand out better, just like the belts.

4. The road jersey. Since you have a purple script here instead of orange, the back of the jersey needs some purple in it as well to balance it out. Either flip the NOB to be purple with orange outlines (like the Twins) or flip the numbers the same way. Either is fine, but both would create the opposite problem.

Overall, I really like it! It's a great start to the series. I don't know how set you are with the markets at this point, but I would suggest, though, that since you're having this in the same universe as the MLB, you'd stay away from some of the big name MLB markets. Mostly DC, Colorado (we suck but people love the Rockies) and maybe San Diego. This would be a good opportunity to bring a team to Northern California, upper New England, maybe Montreal? That would be interesting and could be an "experiment" for a second Expos. But I would especially stay away from DC because of the national attention the Nats are getting recently.

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