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McElroy19's AHL Rebrand (28/30) Updated 7/31 Need Help!


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Howdy Guys I've got a big one for you, a project I've been working of for a long time now and finally have the majority of it done so I feel comfortable posting it.

McElroy19's AHL Rebrand

This Idea started with my Logo predictions for the new AHL West Logos and grew from there. There will be some familiar favorites of mine mixed in with a whole bunch of new logos I've done just for this project.

Up First the AHL:


I like the AHL logo as is but for the sake of this rebrand I felt a McElroy update was necessary. So here it is check back tonight for the first team logo!

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I'm just looking forward to any team that has the same uniforms as their NHL affiliate: e.g. (Albany, Bakersfield, Bridgeport, Manitoba, Ontario, Rockford, San Jose, Stockton, Toronto and Utica.) Also, will there be alternates for the teams or just the home/road set?

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Up first: The Albany Devils

What I wanted to do for this one was come up with something similar to what the NHL Devils wear, the idea however was to do a lower case letter seeing as its the minor league affiliate and go back to green and red to differentiate the two.


And Just because I saw comments, jerseys may be coming after all the logos but for now its just logos.

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For Day 2 of my rebrand I've got one you may have already seen from me, my Bakersfield Condors Logo. I'm a big fan of this logo I really like the way It turned out I think it does a good job of tying in Bakersfield's brand int Edmonton but keeps it simple enough where it could be easily changed if they were to change affiliates.


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