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Los Angeles Clippers Nautical Concept (UPDATED)

Bob Mc-Back in Blue-Adoo

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Hello all, this is my first post on Sportslogos.net and I am very excited to finally be able to share my concepts with the people on this site. I look forward to any comments and constructive criticism.

The following concept is one that I came up with for the Los Angeles Clippers who as we all know received a downright awful rebrand a few weeks ago. I feel that my design better represents the Clippers motif than the design that was actually chosen. My concept includes a primary logo and a secondary logo...


As well as a set of uniforms including a home jersey...


A pair of road jerseys...



A Back in Blue Alternate...


And Finally a newly designed Court.


Thank you for viewing my work and I look forward to your thoughts.

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like the idea but the font/script you are using looks a little 80's cartoon-ish the color scheme is good also but grey seems out of place i like these a lot, certainly has more dept than the clippers rebrand i did a month ago. im looking forward to the updates assuming you'll make some.

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1. Pick a different typeface. Mistral is just not very legible on uniforms.

2. Never use all caps in a script typeface (LAC logo on back of shorts)

3. Line weights are too thin, and inconsistent. Thicken them up. The logo on the shorts has a much thicker outline than the primary logo itself.

4. Make the number treatments consistent on the front and back of each uniform. Unless the background is different from front to back, the numbers and drop shadows should be the same.

5. On the light blue version, the number is too small on the back, and not 3-d like it is on the front.

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I feel like the basketball in the primary logo is not necessary.

Well by NBA rules it is.

The new rule says it's necessary to include at least one basketball in one of the respective team's logos, e.g. the tertiary logo, but there is definitely no need to have one in the primary mark.

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Hello again, I would like to say thank you to all those who offered their comments and I feel that I have addressed all of the issues with my concept that you all pointed out. Here is the second set of concepts and I hope that they came out better than the last.

New Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary...


New Home Jersey...


New Road Jerseys...



Back in Blue Alternate...


And the New Court.


Thank you all again for your comments.

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