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Buccaneers uniform redesign


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Hello, I took some time to design the Buccaneer's uniform how I'd like to see it. This includes new number fonts, new pant stripes, and a different shoulder yoke. I chose to limit the uniform to 3 colors, red, pewter, and orange, because I feel like too many colors gets obnoxious and too busy. I dislike the current number font due to them looking like an alarm clock and due to them just looking weird in general. For example, their current "7" looks horrible. So I made my own font and made an emphasis on pointed ends because I feel like that would suit the Buccaneers theme better.


Now for the shoulder yoke, I admit its the part I'm the least sure about. I want some bit of pewter featured on the shoulders, but I could not think of an original idea for how to do it. So I just streamlined what the Buc's have right now and added an orange trim. Also, you'll notice that the shoulder tips each have a skull print on them. My idea for this was that the skulls would be almost invisible to the naked eye and the print would perhaps become visible once the uniform became wet/dirty/ or somehow "activated".


I'm really excited to share this design, please let me know what you think!


Edit: Also, I included two variations of the number fonts, I wanted to know which you all thought was better: straight edge or curved edge? I like the straight edge more, but if you want them to resemble sword blades, then I think the curved edge would be preferable. 

final final final.png

numbers to post.png

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15 minutes ago, cjm3114jr said:

I like the curved edge numbers better. One problem with your template is that you can't see the side of the helmet, other than that, the concept and presentation is well done.


I didn't change the logo any. The helmet has been untouched. Thanks for the input!

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What the two above me said about changing orange to white and black to orange. Also agree with them that the number font is better (at least more pirate-y, arrrr!) with curved numbers. 


Will you show us the rest of the set? I like the changes you've made. The pants stripe in particular looks good.

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I made the changes ya'll suggested: changed the orange trims to white, and the black skull to orange. My problem is that I'm trying to stay within the Buc's 3 colors, so to me white looks out of place. Also, does the skull being orange now come across as tacky? Lastly, if the numbers appear oddly proportioned on the jersey, its because they are. I'm working in microsoft paint, but hopefully you can still get the idea of how the numbers should look.


I apologize, but I didn't make an away uniform yet but I will make one quickly. I'm a fan of consistency, so the away uniform will look as close to the home uniform except replacing red with white. 


Thank you all for your feedback!



Edit: I uploaded the away uniform. Like I said, very minimal change, just changed red to white. Where there any other variations you'd like to see? Like a pewter jersey?

final final final with white.png

final final final away.png

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