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Uniquely Los Angeles: Rebranding the LA Chargers


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Full project here:



The beach. The palm trees. Hollywood. America's game in the City of Angels. 

Los Angeles deserves an NFL team that's undoubtedly, indigenously LA. With San Diego returning to it's roots after 55 years in San Diego, they are in need of a new brand. This brand should still pay some homage to the Charger days, but with a fresh take on the identity that also embraces LA, in equilibrium.

I sought to feature the LA surf, sun and celebrity culture. I think this brand better speaks to the fan base in LA, versus just slapping "Los Angeles" in front of Chargers.



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Part of me feels that the logo has one too many elements (because they don't exactly intertwine), but the more you look at it, the more you realize that it actually makes an entire scene, waves breaking on a beach, palm trees in the background, etc. I don't think that's something that should be fixed. It's just interesting that the gut reaction and the thoughtful reaction are so different - I think that speaks to just how clever this is. 


I agree with cjm, the helmet, looks like it's missing something. Perhaps this requires a Bills-like move where a darker blue is added as a drop shadow (which could also be incorporated in the original logo, if you feel that's necessary). MAYBE. I'm one of those guys who suggests playing around with options, seeing what works and what doesn't - and sometimes that means trying some things and realizing that your original was right all along and disregarding any suggestions for change. If there was something to play with, it would be adding a darker blue, not navy, that's too dark, just a typical blue to add some depth to the waves and perhaps the implied ocean itself in the logo. What if you did a white helmet with blue waves? Or is that too close to the Chargers and the original Breakers?


But I really like it. Your use of the Chargers' colors is perfect, the LA logo is on-point, seriously, that's darn clever, and the resurrection of the Breakers name is awesome. It's very old school, and it's as quirky as "Chargers" is, which is fitting. The helmet design is also genius. It's clear that it's the Chargers' lineage, but it's so clearly NOT the Chargers, and that's not easy to do. 


Great work, seriously, it's really good stuff. Maybe play around a bit, or maybe you've already tried and rejected those ideas. Simply brilliant.

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