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Würldwyde Designs finally Launches!


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Don't know if anyone remembers this, but for the longest time my homepage was plastered with a "Opening April 15, 2004" message. It's only 4 months later, no big diff, right? :P

At any rate, you guys here have been very helpful and insightful towards my work, and I thought I'd share some of it with you. There's still a few things to add in terms of past web sites I've done, but the logo work is the real meat and potatoes of what I do. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe one day, I'll post a logo history of the Würldwyde logo all the way from '97.


As always, feedback welcome.

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Great job, Kenny. The Royals logo looks awesome... did the Hook have you do that?

No, I was working on remaking the DMFL for 2004/2005, and thought the old one was lacking, so I whipped this idea up in about 5 minutes. The Vikings logos is part of the same addon package. Sometimes the best ideas require the least effort. My Kodiaks logo took me 5 months, and I'm still not satisfied with it. :P

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