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Hawaii Waves Fantasy Football Identity


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Well here's my latest concept I've contributed to my fantasy football league,The RFL.It was done for Aussie's team,the Hawaii Waves,although it probably wont be used as he has finished his own.I look at this and the first thing I think of is what would it look like if the Dolphins and Jaguars were purchased by Rams owner Georgia Frontiere,consolidated to one team,moved to Hawaii,and hired the L.A. Kings' equipment manager to handle all of those duties.That was what came to mind about halfway through doing this concept.I have a few more identities to do for my league so there are still some to come in the coming days.Any and all feedback,comments,and critiques are welcome.Enjoy!!









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I like the farily unique color set.

i like the Secondary and helmet logos much more than the primary. the secondary has good balance and sharpness I think you could work off of.

The wave on the helmet going towards the back creates an odd contrast of motion.. i'd want my players/waves crashing forward, rather than back.

Overall, i like the uniqueness. Nice concept.

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Holy shneet! That helmet (sans wave) looks almost exactly like one of my first-ever 'concepts'!!!

I was 8 (not insulting yours in any way, I was just young), and the team was the Arizona Suns (real original, huh?). I used to draw fictional helmets - used crayons then, long before Illustrator was around.

Same colors & everything!

Wow. Flashback. I can only remember two other teams.

Sorry to hijack the thread... BOT, that white jersey looks great. The others are goodm, but the white stands out.

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That is a perfect description -- Dolphins merge with Jaguars and move to Hawaii. Which is why I'm not whelmed by it. I would think of a (particularly colorful) Hawaiian shirt and go more with primary colors plus green. Think of the old pre-June Jones Hawaii Rainbows.

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I like the concept. It reminds me of the old WFL uniforms. However, something bothers me. I think the wave on the helmet should be cresting toward the front, not the back. It just doesn't seem right the way the logo is currently placed.

Also, FYI, there was a women's football team known as the Hawai'i Wave.



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Rainbow WARRIORS. I sit corrected.

No they're not the rainbow Warriors anymore!, they're just the warriors


The football team is the Hawaii Warriors

The basketball team is the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

The Baseball team is the Rainbows

and the Womens teams are the same as above besides they have Wahine in them

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