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Pro T20 Cricket coming to America?


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This might be a little pre-mature but I thought it was very interesting. United States Cricket posted this page on November 26th having an open application on starting a professional cricket league in the States. Currently, the national team members play in the regional level.



Fresh off USA Cricket’s historic promotion to World Cricket League Division 2 by the U.S. Men’s National Team, USA Cricket’s newly seated Board of Directors is excited to announce another significant milestone with the release of the United States Professional T20 League Request for Proposals (RFP). The RFP can be found here.

As USA Cricket seeks to grow and develop the game of cricket in the United States, including by building new structures and pathways for grassroots and domestic cricket, the timing is perfect to seek a partner that focuses on supporting that development by building a world-class U.S.-based T20 professional league. This league will ultimately serve as an anchor for USA Cricket’s domestic programs and provide new exposure and visibility for the sport with the American public. 

“This is an exciting time for cricket in the United States with the formation of our new Board of Directors, USA Cricket’s pending recognition as an ICC approved National Federation, and the performance of our athletes on the field of play,” said USA Cricket Board Chair, Paraag Marathe. “This RFP continues on the positive momentum as we seek to build a successful and sustainable league domestically. Newly released global research shows more than 20 million cricket fans in the United States and a well-run T20 professional league is the platform needed to engage existing fans and grow new ones to support the bullish vision this Board has for cricket in the U.S.”

USA Project Manager Eric Parthen added, “Over my last two plus years working with cricket in the United States, I’ve met several globally respected organizations and individuals who had an interest in launching a T20 professional cricket league here. Given the growth of T20 cricket worldwide and the potential marketability of this format in the U.S., now is a great time to seek competitive proposals under the leadership of this new Board.”

While the RFP has some clear minimum requirements, it was intentionally structured for interested parties to be creative with their vision given the unique opportunities afforded in the U.S. market. Proposals should be submitted via email to RFP@usacricket.org by no later than January 4, 2019. Additional details about the RFP including other timelines are included in the RFP.  


Where I caught on was them announcing the deadline moved back 2 weeks because they received 20 formal proposals for the league. 


Seems like one way or another this is gonna happen.

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Looks like they've got their first stadium, in Allen, TX.



In front of a large crowd of people from across the Metroplex, Thakkar Developers announced Tuesday it will build Allen Sports Village, a 15,000-seat stadium inside an 80-acre complex along the SH 121 and Alma Road corridor.


The public-private partnership between the city of Allen and the Perfect Business Group started as a relatively small idea. When Allen was originally presented with this opportunity, Thakkar Developers was the only company involved.


The project is a massive undertaking that will break ground in 2019. The main attraction will be the cricket stadium, but the Allen Sports Village will have much more. The development will include more than 500,000 square feet of Class A office space. It will also feature 1,000 residential units, 165,000 square feet of space for restaurants and residential areas, two hotels, a training center and an events center.


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8 hours ago, NYUNDERDOGS said:

I think at its first season, it could rival the MLL. Maybe it could grow huge if it focuses on streaming.


I have strong doubts about the possiblity that a cricket league could be huge in the U.S., no matter what strategies it employs.

An adult can pick up an interest in lacrosse, in soccer, in basketball, even in American football.  But for an adult to pick up an interest in cricket or in baseball is a lot more difficult.  So I think that reaching a mass audience in the U.S. will not be possible for this league.

I would bet that this league's audience will consist almost entirely of people who grew up with cricket in the West Indies or India or Pakistan.

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