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New England Revolution Logo


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The Revs are in desperate need of an update, so I thought I would try my hand at it. Eventually, I hope this logo gets featured in an entire MLS concept series with some other updated logos + kits. I feel much more comfortable with kit design than logo design, so I could use your help.


Here is my first try:  (sorry for the empty space, the cropping is off)





The badge itself has 6 points and the logo has 6 stars for the 6 New England states. The badge features the tree from the New England flag and the crossing white stripes reminiscent of soldiers in the Continental Army. The fonts are are supposed to give it a bit of a dated feel. The logo also emphasizes the date the Revs were established to highlight the club's history in a league where a lot of clubs have none.


My concerns at the moment are about the lack of red in the logo and the readability/recognizability of the red text and the green tree in applications where the logo is shrunken down. Thanks for your constructive comments in advance.


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It's not based on any flag, other than the inclusion of the tree from the New England flag. But the concern about looking like the Scotland flag is legitimate. The white x is in reference to American soldiers in the Revolutionary War.



In a more accurate application, the white X over the badge would be almost a perfect x with 45 degree angles on each corner. But once you throw the white x over the blue shield, you end up with little space for a wordmark or other design aspects, and if you don't use other design aspects it feels like you end up with empty space. So the X is shrunk horizontally a little bit. That does make it look like the X in the Scotland flag.


If the X really should be more vertical as an accurate depiction, the whole design needs to be reworked somehow. I'm not against that. Maybe I'll play around with it.

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When I shrink this logo down and put it on a uniform, its features seam to disappear. I think the details might be a little too fine (and somewhat slapped on and disjointed). So I did a complete 180 and designed a new logo that's quite simple. It still features the 6-pointed shield and six stars, but otherwise leaves out the name of the team entirely. But I think this logo is closer to something that works for the Revs, but I'm eager to hear some feedback.


I have two versions that I'm looking for preferences on. Any other feedback is great too.




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I'm not sure I'm feeling the new version as it is; it feels a tad generic.


That said I think you could take the 6 white stars from the update and put it under the tree on the original version, and put the 96 or the NE monogram on the sashes. That way you get rid of the "inverse Confederate" thing and have the stars in the proper color.


Also, the blue outline helps a lot.


Good work!

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