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Long Beach Boobies baseball


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I've forgone a white jersey for this set. Home is blue-foot blue, away is brown, with not but blue name/numbers/etc, tradition is a fauxback, and home plate is a garish mess of color. All sets have blue socks for obvious reasons. I've kept orange relegated to one set. 



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I originally saw this on Twitter and got a good chuckle out of it. I love your commitment to the bit! Excellent quality logo for a team with a definite Major League name! I think I'd make the brown a tad darker for some contrast, but everything else is perfect. The script that includes your fun little pal is icing on the cake. They have a solid uniform set, but I'd maybe replace the birds in the script with two "o"s that both have bellybuttons (;) haha!). The script where the birds are included works great as a primary, but all the  elements being used in such a small area really clutters the chest of the jersey.

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