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New USA Hockey Jerseys


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I agree with Icecap in regards to bring back the crest used on the uniforms for the 98 Olympics. The USA hockey logo looks great. However, having the logo inside a shield or something with that effect looks good.

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all they need is the logo from nagano and it will be perfect.

1998 Nagano logo -- associated with mediocre hockey and trashed rooms in the Olympic Village

2002 Salt Lake logo -- associated with Team USA's highest Olympic finish since 1980

Plus, the additions made to the simple USA wordmark in 1998 were superfluous, the logo was perfect as is and didn't need to be messed with...


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A little off topic, I watched the game vs. Russia Saturday night and I was VERY impressed. Not only was it 100 times more entertaining than an NHL game, the speed and physical play was very fun to watch. Plus, I also enjoyed watching someone I played against this summer on TV. To anyone on here who is a Capitals fan, when the league gets back, your team will be immediately better. That Ovechkin kid is the real deal.



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Can someone show me a direct comparison between the two logos in question. I seem to recall a circle, but that it is.





The Nagano ones featured the Classic script inside a circle. Personally I like just the script alone. I associate itself with winning. Team USA has had it's biggest success (1996 World Cup, Silver in 02) with just the script. These new uniforms are great, nice and classy.

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