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My first design


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that...well, it's a first timer. heck, I remember my first one. the sleeve numbers were way too big and the logos sort of mismatched (Sens/67s).

a lot of Discrimesque thoughts here, although if you want the whole name on there either shrink Los Angeles or shrink Lakers. every jersey I know of where both the city and team names were on it was this way except for two (Tennessee men's basketball for many years and early Detroit Pistons). otherwise, get rid of either Los Angeles or Lakers

the mixture of modern and classic elements is a novel one, and I'm actually undertaking a similar endeavor (and also doin something similar) myself. while I like your idea of mixing elements of Minneapolis (the stars around Kobe's name and number), early LA (the blues) and modern styles (the side striping), it's not completely there yet. Keep at it, cus I see potential here. I got a couple pointers:

first, the player's name should only be in one place. Either on the back in all its glory or on the front, chillin low key with the number.

second, i'm thinking you only have paint for the moment. get a better program when you're able to, but in the meantime keep at it. as my boy Against All Odds can attest, mastery of Paint will only make you better in the long run.

third, the stars on the front and back is a good idea, but try to space them out as if you're using a two-digit number. an idea meant for a one-digit number is doomed to only look good on guys who wear single digits (which, as you may know, aint' that many)

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It's an interesting piece. I don't know if I would have it in me to wear it, and I think I would laugh if I actually saw it made, but that's not to say it's bad.

In all honestly, I think if you lose the name on the front, maybe just clean it up a hair, you have a nice alternate here.

Keep at it. And BTW, if Paint is all you have, it's cool. That's all I use too.


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