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NY Giants Concept


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Forget the big blue- here today i introduce to you the G-men. G-men can refer to giants, but not it can also refer to GREYMEN. Also Gang Grey may be a catchy spinoff on their neighbors- Gang Green.

Besides nicknames, what do you guys think of this concept. I think blue and silver should be left for the cowboys and lions- also nfc teams. But that plain blue and red look of the 80s they had is outdated. So I came up with this. What do you guys think of it???


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i like the idea of primary grey uniforms, in general... grey is an awesome color that seems underused as a primary sports color.

that being said, this concept isn't my favorite... the drop shadow look awful to me, and the side panels look a little forced and rainbowy (too many outlines of too many colors).

basically, i like the idea behind it, but i'm not a huge fan of the execution. make a few tweaks, and it will be pretty cool.

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You could try the simplified blue-red-blue striping on both sets, and consider a more blocky number font which I suspect will suit grey better.

It's a very interesting idea!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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