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NFL Shield Logos in Team Colors


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I don't think we've done this before, but in looking at all of the MLB Batter logos, and seeing how they're in team colors (instead of the usual MLB Blue and MLB Red), I was thinking that it might be cool for the NFL start doing these up in the individual team colors as well.

I chose two primary colors from each teams' color palette...however, since the Colts and the Jets only have ONE, I used the Colts' Gray facemask as the secondary, and just made the Jets' all Green.

Arizona Cardinals:


Atlanta Falcons:


Baltimore Ravens:


Buffalo Bills:


Carolina Panthers:


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Oh, and I went with the Falcons being dominant Black over Red just for variety...there was no other team with Black and NFL in Red, so that's what I chose. And, I think the dominant Black would look good on Red jerseys.

Side note: all of these graphics (NFL and NBA) should have the White keyline included...so that they'll show up against like-colored fabrics...

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Oooo, oooo! If you're going to do throwbacks, give me a Lambeau-era Packers!

Just kidding, of course.

I'm glad the NFL doesn't do this. It works better for the MLB logo, largely I think because the MLB logo doesn't have the flag connotations.

Heck, while you're at it, you could whip up some USA flag decals in the team colors for the back of the helmets.... :P

And off-topic, the more I look at your avatar the more I like the new logo. Is that wordmark in your sig the new official one?

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