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I see Times New Roman, and I see Expo, and I see Impact...

Butte really shoulda gone with "Pirates". But that's a story for another time.

There is actually a high shool in idaho (i think) called the Butte Pirates

You mean these aren't high school?

The names Generals, Cowboys and... oh yeah, Golden Eagles, threw me off!

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OMG these are bad. Where do these things come from?

The Cowboys find a way to rip off Dallas twice appropriating the Cowboys star and the old Mavs ball/hat.

The Rims logo consists of what I can only assume is a mountain range but looks like a candy wrapper.

I wont even comment on Butte

Wyomings is the most tolerable of the whole bunch but the college style font harkens too heavily toward......well college and then I think Marquette. I wish someone would actually depict a golden eagle in a golden eagles logo. They are gorgeous birds.

I've run out of energy to scold the other four. All I know is I have that BallHogs font on my PC. Cant remember the name. Yuck.

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Butte Bandits: I guess it's better than the Holes, Munches, or Heads.

Lincoln Generals: A ripoff of the indoor football Lincoln Capitals.

Cedar Rapids Ball Hogs: How many minor league basketball teams does Cedar Rapids have at this point? Three? Four? Why?

Wichita Bombers: A direct ripoff of the indoor football league Wichita Stealth.

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I think the Slamball teams had better names than these... lesse... Bandits, Bouncers, Diablos, MOB, Riders, Rumble, Slahsers, Steal... yeah, pretty much.

That being said, boo to the Rims and Generals for sticking a basketball there just for the hell of it. I think the Pueblo Aztecs is... er... the least worst out of all of them :blink:

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The Wyoming one is clip art. Thumbs down Wyoming.

They all seem to be clip art from about three, or four years ago. Low End Clip art at that. They could of, at least, decompiled the art and customized it a bit more if they had to resort to using it. I guess its a start....maybe they will start identifying themselves after a few years of playing and sorting out their team rankings within the league.

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Well my "Sources" tell me next week that Topeka will be announced in this league. The nickname will be Tornadoes or Twisters or something uninspired like that.

{begin sarcasim}

Boy, I cannot wait to see the great logo and colors that have been selected for this team

{/end sarcasim}

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The Butte Bandits eh?

Someone in that AAPBL marketing department is teh funnay!

As said earlier, Wichita is so committed to this league they basically just ripped off another of their pro teams. How lazy.

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