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Sixers Nats jerseys


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i watched this game tonite, i gotta say, these Nats throwbacks are right up there with the san francisco (golden state) warriors "the city" throwbacks as the Association's best.

the colour combination, the script nats wordmark, the neckline pattern, everthing looks totally awesome together.

as for the knicks throwbacks, ehh, just a reminder of the sad early 80's teams. although the font for the number and name on the back is interesting in a good way.

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Those "Nats" throwback jerseys are an abortion. The real ones were probably made by Rawlings, and the side inserts on the jersey and pants were made in a "jacquard" knit pattern that was popular in the mid-'50s and promoted by Rawlings. You might also look at photos of early St. Louis Hawks uniforms which had a similar insert.

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Being from the Syracuse area, it's nice to see the Nationals remembered.

They're going to dedicate a shot-clock memorial in Syracuse later this month when the NCAA regionals are here.

Some of the old Nats are going to be there.

I wonder what the 76ers' players' reactions were when they first heard, then saw the retros?

I bet none of them had any clue (as most fans too) knew the 76ers had a rich history in Syracuse, including the 1955 NBA title.

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