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Colts alt, Syracuse concepts


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first, the Colts alt which I'd had in storage for a month or so


so sue me...what OTHER color could I make this?

and then, there's my Syracuse set...I think you already see the oddity. ;)


i also made a Tennessee set today (leaving out the powder blue almost all yall hate when paired with UT orange) but I hated how it turned out so I'm redoing it later. i swear...i am the only person here who likes that orange and powder blue together :D

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I'm just stateing the obvious. There are most definately spots on those Syracuse ones. From the limited time I've been here, I've learned that you kind of have a reputation for being out there, and these are certainly out there. Being from Indy, I can say that that is a look I would not like to see on my Colts. (and that must be a very odd horse that requires a horseshoe like that). As for Syracuse, well, I applaud you for incorporating polka-dots into a jersey. So um...odd, but good ideas... :grin:

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Why is the Colts horshoe logo nearly closed? I've seen many a horseshoe in my day, but never one that's nearly closed.

basically, every other kind of horseshoe's been done already, hence this weird one.

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