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Here's a golden oldie that comes up every year about this time. Most of you will know it, but it should be enlighhtening for the younger uninformed members.

Who is the only player to win an NCAA Division 1 basketball championship, an ABA championship and an NBA championship?

Did you know....Mike Lum is the only player to ever pinch hit for Hank Aaron.

Now you do!

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Is it Rick Barry? (Miami U, 69 Oakland Oaks, 75(I think) Warriors)

No, Rick Barry never won an NCAA championship at Miami.

However, he is the answer to another similar query.....

He is the only player to ever win a single season scoring championship at the NCAA Divsion 1 level, in the ABA and in the NBA.

Now you know.

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You should have seen the look my girlfriend gave me when I told her she was in for the boofing of a lifetime.

You're doing it wrong then.

You shouldn't be facing each other.

i think of this quote with that comment

"My wife and I like boofing so that we can both watch NASCAR while boofing"

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