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Sports Legends in Strange Uniforms


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This topic has been tossed around for a while already. In fact, it's a little farther down Page 1.

TOPIC #14206: "Players in rare jerseys". Started by brassbonanza97. It's 20-something pages long.

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And add the link there--weird seeing the Bruins' 2 best defensemen playing for other teams--and Dorsett as a Bronco...

Yeah. Also surprising how they didn't use a picture of Gretzky with the Blues.

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Hasek on the Red Wings does not belong on this list. <_<


FWIW, anyone notice anything odd about the pic of Hasek? It's from a preseason game, as his jersey has a straight nameplate using a variation if a varsity font.

Yer welcome... :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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