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Design a new mascot for ole miss and win $5,000


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This isn't 100% logo related, but I come here often and love looking at the concepts and logo news.  Ole Miss, who will not have a mascot on the sidelines this season after 23 years of having Col. Reb there, has announced a mascot contest.  Many of you have tons of talent, so I wanted to post a link here for those of you who hadn't heard about it.  If any of you win, I expect my cut!   :)


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If I could actually design worth a damn, I'd enter something somewhat similar in look to the Wilkes Barre Pioneers (AF2) design.  Just change the 'Davy Crockett'-like character to a Johnny Reb, and whammo!

Of course they'd likely be sued over something that blatant, but... :)

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I'll giver a shot.

Anyone know, whether or not this is happening cause they just want a freshening up, or is it because of some PC pressure to lose the redneck that I am unaware of?

Like, if we so desired, could we modernize their old dude? Or is that not cool and we should start over?

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Of course it's legit.  A public university wouldn't be doing a fake contest.

A quick search of www.thedmonline.com, The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS), or The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) will tell anyone interested all they need to know about why the Col. Reb mascot will no longer be on the field.  

In a nutshell, it's PC, but there is so, so, so, so much more to the story.

Just wanted to give ya'll the opportunity to send something to the athletic department.

In a perfect world, they'd be sent 100,000 pictures of the current Col. Reb mascot.

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Just to let everyone know, here are some of the other mascots in Mississippi: Eagles, Devils, Bulldogs, Tigers, & Braves.  I did not research the community colleges or high schools, but you can go to www.mississippi.gov and look at all of their schools if you want.

I of course did this research after I had created an eagle logo, thinking I was being all creative.

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Regardless if they decide to change names or not, I can't imagine that they would pick a logo that was similar to one of the other schools in the state.   I could be wrong though, but that is why I have not decided to finish my eagle design.

Still looking for the vectorized wordmark.

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Yeah, I'm going off the assumption that the team will still be the Ole Miss Rebels.

I have like a whole set idea already....I'll show you guys before I send it in.  Might be cool, but its going to be tough to pull off.

To answer someone's question...whether or not sales tax is applicable is a complicated question... especially interstate.  But in regards to income tax....all income is taxable.  Not everyone reports it mind you..but.  

Three guesses what my day job is and the first two don't count.

I'm not asking for help or cheating or tryin to steal anything, but doesnt a rebel pretty much, in one way or another, have to somehow reflect the confederacy?  Even if only vaguely?

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UNLV's looks more like Yosemite Sam than a Southern plantation owner.

Then again, it would be pretty f'd up if the mascot of a school in Las Vegas looked like a Southern plantation owner.

I guess some people didn't read the link before they started wanting to give us a new identity.  There are no plans to change the name Ole Miss Rebels.

Our logo this year for TV purposes will be the script Ole Miss that I posted in a post above.

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Also let me add that a couple months ago we paid Phoenix Designs $30,000 for a new image and fired them after they sent in their first 2 ideas.

Why the OLE MISS Rebels would hire a New York firm who knows nothing about the Deep South to design a new image for one of the most tradition rich schools in the country will always be beyond me...

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From dictionary.com

n. reb·el

1. One who rebels or is in rebellion.

2. To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority.

3. To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention.

4. To feel or express strong unwillingness or repugnance:

5. One who rebels or is in rebellion

6. A Confederate soldier.

7. To be disobedient to authority; to assume a hostile or insubordinate attitude; to revolt.

8. Syn: Revolter; insurgent.

I plan to keep the Rebels name, but I am giving it a different association. Instead of some old guy from the South, I will focus more on a rebelious figure, something that gives the design action. Here is what I was working on earlier, but since there is another university in Mississippi with an eagle as their logo, I pitched this design and plan to create another.


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Good idea Gator.  It doesnt say that the logo must be a Rebel from teh south or a confederate solider.  Just has to be in relation to teh word rebel.

Also You can add a thid color.  Like yellow, gray etc.  It allows for three and no WHite is not a color neither is black.

My only question is for a Rebel wordmark should we create one. Not the Ole Miss text I mean the text for the word Rebels.  And if so is there a particular font we must use.

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The following rules apply to the contest:

2. The design element may use three colors (including black) and incorporate a "Rebel" figure.

I think that this means if you use black or white, that it is considered one of the three colors. Let me know if I am reading this wrong.

I could not find a wordmark for the name Rebels. I looked throughout the Mississippi website and didn't see anything.

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