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2006 NCAA Men's Basketball


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Here's the SEC


That is one awesome logo!

What font is that, though? I tried Identifont and came up with nothing. It has a bit of semblance to the Syracuse wordmark.

I've seen it listed as two different fonts. One of them is called "Facet", I can't remember the other one.

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I actually wonder about the design of the logo and if it was inspired by the city of Nashville. If I remember correctly doesn't Nashville have a replica of the Parthanon and lots of other Greek and Roman artifacts?

Yep, Nashville has a lot of cool historical things like that. The Parthenon is worth a visit.

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That SEC tourney logo is vintage. I really like it.

Same with the ACC logo. I think they realized how ridiculous the logo last year made the conference look.

On a side note, here's a pretty sharp logo, for the women's 2006 final four. Really thought it represented the final four and Boston really well.

Not often I ever give a hoot about womens bball, but this stood out.



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