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Phoenix coyotes new logo


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I just saw that on their site.  I read the article that said they unveiled the new uniforms but I can't find them anywhere.

I didn't see an image of the new unis, either, but if you watch the 30 second "evolution of the logo" video, there are clips that provide hints. One part shows the pattern at the bottom of the old uniform "draining" into the new one, which is thin cream-colored double stripes with a thicker stripe in between pattern as best as I could tell. The other shows the shoulder patch evolving into a new crest that has the Arizona state flag with PHX positioned below it. There weren't any overall views, though.

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Where on the site are you people seeing this?

I had the same problem when reloading in Netscape...I just launched it in MSIE and the new site (whole site's been redesigned, too, although the store is still the old one) did appear. I probably could've cleared my cache and/or restarted Netscape and gotten the same results.

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This logo has a distintcly "college basketball" feel to it.

And the uniforms, based on the video, have that college/high school hockey feel to it.

They remind me of the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms in their striping.

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The more I look at this logo, the more and more I realize that the only true fault of this logo is the bottom tuft of hair .. if that were to be cleaned up and more self contained, it would eliminate the "college" feel of it, and it appear more classy.

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I was just about to post those pictures.

No black?  Alteast make the thinner stripes black.  White jersey: black-white-red-white-black.  red jersey:  black-red-white-red-black OR white-red-black-red-white.

Notice the red jersey is lace up but the white is Nike Wishbone.  

Logo on right shoudler ONLY.  Appearantely the state of Arizona with the flag in it or AZ written in it, or both.

sort of modern style logo is completely mismatched with classic jerseys.

This gets a thumbs down.  How can you go so classic with a team formed in the mid 90's.

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I do like the vintage feel to this relatively new team, however, I enjoyed the old look with the Coyote on Crack logo. Since they were a newer team, it seemed like it was a more modern look for a modern team. This is a nice change and not too bad at all. I like the tie front on the home dark jersey. Very nice overall.

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