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San Jose Sharks road (1998-2003), home (2003-present)

San Jose Sharks home (both), road (2003-present)

Nashville home (1998-2003), road (2003-present)

(dare I say this in SHB's presence)

Los Angeles alt (1999-2002)

NY Islanders home (1995-97)

NY Rangers alt

Toronto home (1997-2000) with the stylized numerals

Vancouver alt (2000-present)

Vancouver alt (1995-97)

2004 San Jose Sharks 7th Man Fan of the Year

San Jose Gold Miners - 4x Lombardi Cup Champions

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Sabres: pre-1996 whites (for sentimental reasons)

And because they were good jerseys, I say. Always loved those. The blues were decent, but the whites were very nice.


- St. Louis both

- Minnesota white

- Ottawa alt (even if it has the dumb Peace Tower logo on the shoulders)

- Calgary black (even with the horse head logo, which I don't think is bad at all, it'd just be better with the C)

- Pittsburgh black

- Edmonton white

- San Jose white and teal (but NOT the black)

- Rangers alt (mostly for the Liberty logo, which is terrific)

- Atlanta white

- Los Angeles white and black (now that they have just the crown... the purple was good with it, but the striping's too weird on it)

- Montreal both

- Boston all three (yes, even the gold alts)

- Islanders white and blue (but, I'd favour a change in logo; and NOT the orange)

- New Jersey red


- Buffalo white (pre-1996)

- Edmonton "Gretzky era" (pre-1996) both

- San Jose original set both

- Capitals "checkmark" (the Eagle logo) both

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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- Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, both

- Washington Capitals, both

- St. Louis Blues, both

- Ottawa Senators, both (not the black one, I find it's cuffs are too big cuffs)


- Toronto Maple Leafs 1993-2000

- Pittsburgh Penguins 1971-1992

- Calgary Flames 1990 home jersey

- Buffalo Sabres 1974-1996 home jersey (the blue one needs some white)

- San Jose Sharks 1991-1997 road jersey

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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absolute, number one:

Quebec Nordiques Blue- its just awsome, you wear one and people everywhere love it,

Montreal Home (current) and vancouver's current home. I did have a small attraction to those red alternates they had for a month or tow before they adopted their new look(some thing must be wrong with me)

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-Buffalo Sabres white(pre-1996). Sentimental reasons. The striping was messed up on thise jerseys, though.

-Minnesota Wild white

-L.A. Kings white and black(The current w/ the crown and the ones just before those with the shield crest).

-Toronto Maple Leafs current Blue and White and Alternate. I love that alt.

:):D 500 POSTS   :D  :)

Do I get a sticker or commemorative plaque or something. :P

(sorry for all the smilies)

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