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Twins to unveil sleeveless alts


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According to Charley Walters in the St. Paul Pioneer Press,

"The Twins next week will unveil a sleeveless, white jersey they will wear for some home games in 2006. They also will introduce a jersey they will wear during batting practice.

The sleeveless jersey, something the team never has worn, will have a large 'TC' on the front and be available at Twins pro shops in Apple Valley, Roseville and Minnetonka."

I'm looking forward to seeing it; sounds like it could be a nice idea. Hopefully, they wear a dark blue shirt underneath, and not red.

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It's a shame they didn't decide to go with a sleeved version of this. It sounds like a good idea (white, no-pinstripes, "TC" logo), but I am not a vest guy.

Go Astros!

Go Texans!

Go Rockets!

Go Javelinas!

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This could turn out to be something very, very cool.

Personally, I'd love a white pinstriped vest with dark blue sleeves.

Fingers crossed they do this right....



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