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Clemson in purple


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teams can get away with purple and yellow or gold if they have been doing it for a while

purple with black and/or silver looks great

but i have never liked purple and orange

clemson usually trys to hide the orange, as most of their hats use navy blue and their athletic uniforms are usually almost entirely orange

but today they broke out the purple, i originally said i dont like it before this edit, but on second thought it isnt so bad, it is pretty frikin unique and the purple is dark enough not to be considered... idk feminine on the football field?


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this is one of those schools where i wanna scream 'pick a damn color already' as puckcool noted clemson stuff can be found in navy even though the listed colors are purple and orange.  well this caught me by surprise, like SMU broke out red jerseys.  wait, SMU did break out red jerseys.
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Actually, Clemson's colors have been orange and purple for a good while, but until very recently (I think 2001) the stripes on the helmets were navy blue. I read this from the Helmet Project a while back, there's probably more information there than I can give you...
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jlucas4092 Posted on Sep. 21 2003,14:32


Purple?  I'll be damned.  I never followed Clemson closely, but I always thought that it was navy blue they used, not purple.

Same here, i always thought it was navy. Oh well i do like the unis.

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wait a minute....(scratches head). When I was at Nike

we always used "College Navy" as Clemsons color

where the hell did this purple come from??

well, apparently clemson's been switching between purple and navy for years and calling both purple. :laugh:

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Here's the convoluted mess that IS Clemson U.'s colors:

Primary Colors:

CU Northwestern Purple

CU Burnt Orange

Alternate Colors:

CU Blue

CU Orange

They make my head hurt...

why must they have two shades of orange?  any reason or are they just lazy?

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