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JD's MNF Farewell Trivia


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I'm going to go with the Cleveland Browns. They volunteered to host the first Monday Night Game when no other team wanted to.

Yeah, it pains me to say it but Art Modell played a BIG role in getting MNF off the ground.

Another "team" that was very significant would be this one...

Cosell, Meredith, Gifford, Arledge, Forte.

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I'd say the Jets, they provided us with one of the best comebacks ever in 2000 against the Dolphins.

Without a doubt, that would also have to be my favorite Monday Night moment ... and unlike most Jets fans, I stayed in my seat throughout the entire game. ^_^

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I would say the Dolphins... and here's why.

They were one of the teams playing the night Cosell announced John Lennon's death

They beat the then-undefeated Chicago Bears in 1985 keeping the legacy of the 1972 Dolphins, in the highest rated MNF game ever.

They were victims to the Jets Monday Night Miracle

Dan Marino has the most passing yards and touchdowns of any QB on Monday Night

They were victims to Earl Campbell's 199 yard, 4 TD game

It's a shame that a team involved with so many great MNF moments didn't even get to play a night game at all this year.

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