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Israel Ice Hockey


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I was reading The Hockey News, and I came across an ad for something I haven't seen before: Israel Ice Hockey Federation.



This logo is on the new hockey jerseys:


The link for the jerseys is http://store.israel-hockeystore.com/

I think these all look really good in their simplicity.

Anyone know who might have designed these?

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The "A" in Israel looks slightly borrowed--but all in all, a very nice package.

Sleek, as said, and the colours work for me.

The integration of the star & the dove are well done.

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Sweet! I'm sure I'll be able to fetch me a jersey eventually, being near Jewish Toronto and all.

I think I prefer the light blue away jersey though.

As big as the Jewish community is here, I don't know where they would even sell things like those, because they would have to be imported.


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There's a fair that goes on every year at the Bathurst & Sheppard JCC that has tons of vendors from all over Israel come. They might have it.

Plus... look at the billing location on the website... SAN FRANCISCO!


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As an Israeli, I've been praying for an Israeli hockey jersey to spring up... G-d has answered my prayers. Score.

My only criticism is that I think the jerseys could use gold trim (often with the Israeli flag and other blue/white Jewish things you find gold trim) rather than the dual-silvers... or maybe leave the dual silvers and add a thin layer of gold trim.

That said, the primary logo is simple, and I like it for that very reason. In the secondary-dove logo is awesome, I love how the tail feathers make the last point of the Magen David. Can't wait to throw on that bad boy.

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It's simple, it's logical, it contains only two colors, and it's not an animal holding a hockey stick. I realize that I am a fan of simple logos but that logo is GREAT. I am also not a fan of the dazzle fabric hockey jerseys, but as a good protestant of German speaking Swiss heritage, I think I will be ordering one of those. That's REALLY sharp.

Now, how about a traditional fabric throwback? "Regular" Star of David (not slanted) and hockey stick? Perhaps in blue and white only? You know... to commerate those great Israeli hockey teams of the 60's and 70's. (please note sarcasm/humor in the last paragraph)

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