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Artest to Kings


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Artest in Sacto is gonna be fun. How long will it be before he's sick of that "cow town" (Phil Jackson's words, not mine) and starts acting up?

Phil is right, it is a cow town. I should know because I live here. It's been a bad year for the Kings and I blame the gold uniforms they should have traded those for Artest.

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Its things like this, along with a ton of other Bull:censored:, that has really turned Sac from my favorite team, to a team im really getting tired of. :mad:

:therock: i'd expect more from a Buccaneers fan...

Yeah i know, but its mainly the Maloofs that have turned me away from the team. Im just really tired of how they run that franchise. And plus, im not really much of an NBA fan, or really basketball in general, as it is.

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Ron Artest + Bonzi Wells + Rick Adelman running the show = Fun Times In Sac-Town!

They're a dimebag wrapped in tin foil away from being the Jail Blazers V. 2.0 :lol:

Sac could still use a scorer.

Steve Francis anyone? :therock:

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