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Vintage Cubs Jersey


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I recently was able to get a Chicago Cubs jersey that I have wanted for a very long time.


This was made by Starter back in the late 80's or early 90's I'd guess and is labled on the sleeve as a 1907 jersey, which would be from the year they won their first of two World Series. Some digging has proven this to be wrong, as it's is a close, but not exact replica of a 1909 Cubs jersey, the first year of their current streak of NOT winning the World Series.

You can see in this photo, the black stripe on the front does not go all the way down, as it does on the replica. Also the replica is cream and not grey as it should be for a road jersey and the collar does not stand up like the "cadet" collar of the original.


Here are illustrations of the 1907, 1908 & 1909 jerseys -


So, what cap do you think would go best with this jersey? I'm interested to hear what you think.

I have two options. First is the "1907" cap shown worn with the jersey in the vintage photo above. The main strike against this cap is the "Flannel Grey" fabric color that does not match the cream color fabric of the jersey that well because the jersey isn't as accurate as it could be.


The second choice is the "1914" cap, which, while not really worn unitl 1914, is at least a logo that was on the jerseys of that era, first appearing on the uniforms in 1908. Also the black cap fits in with the black trim of the jersey without clashing with the jersey color.


Despite the jerseys inaccuracies, I'm still pretty excited to have finally tracked one down, as it's as close as I think I'll ever get to one of that style.



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What's embroidered on the outside of the right sleeve on your jersey? Is that the "1907" label? The pinstriping also looks far wider than what is shown in the photo from 1909.

As for the hat, my heart says go with the 1st one, and avoid pairing the jersey with a hat that was worn at a different time, even if we're talking about 1909 v. 1914. But since the colors don't match, unless you can modify that on your own, my gut says go with #2. Most of the people who'll see you in the jersey won't notice the several inconsistencies we've already unearthed, and they'll probably assume that the hat and jersey went together back in the day. You can fool most of the people if you can live with the knowledge you're wearing mismatched gear.

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I'd go with the 1914 cap...I don't think anyone will call you out on that.

BTW, why does the replica have to have that damn registered trademark symbol under the S in "CUBS"? It's bad enough we have to see it on the current jerseys.

I'll agree with everyone else on the cap. If you could find a cream-colored one with pinstripes (like option 1, but with a closer color match to the jersey), that would be perfect.

As for the trademark, it looks like that is just the current logo (below), but without the big circle around it. If you look closely, in the replica, the inside point of the C is roughly between the B and S. In the old photo, it is more centered over the S. I assume there is some sort of rule that any variation of the current logo must have the trademark with it.


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I think that 1914 hat is actually navy blue (unless it's designated as "black" on lids.com or wherever you were going to order it from). I've seen those hats all over, but always in blue and never in black.

it is a navy...but its a faded navy.

i would go with the 1914 hat as well its just a better look but if you can or want to find the NEW ERA version its a crisper look.

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