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UConn jersey question...

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I checked the boards and didn't see this mentioned, but if it's been talked about, I appologize...

I saw the highlights of last nights UConn/Pitt game and they were wearing older looking jerseys with 'Connecticut' across the chest rather than the ones with 'UConn'. I'm pretty sure they've worn the latter all year (atleast in the Maui Invitational), though, being in Colorado, I don't get to see them play too often, and I'm not sure I've seen them play a home game. Was this just a one time throwback thing and does anybody know where I can find one online?


Personally, I like them over their current uniforms.

Once again, sorry if it's already been covered

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:D Is that uni missing the last T?

No, it's a wrinkle.

Anyways, the jerseys, which originally debuted last year for the North Carolina game, are throwbacks. They said last year that they were supposed to be throwbacks from the early 1990s, but after looking through old photos the other night, there are strong differences that lead me to believe that they're just an alternate.

In any case, I think they're pretty sweet and have a very classic look.

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They're throwbacks...

It's the uni style the Huskies wore in the 1990-91 season (year after the run to the Elite 8...ended up losing to the Dookies in the Sweet 16 out in Pontiac...only redeeming thing about that game was Rod Sellers punching that punk Laettner in the head twice after that creep stepped on him earlier in the game :lol: ).

ZBoyer's correct...these made their debut last year vs. UNC...which remarkably was the same team the Huskies debuted these jerseys against (in the first ACC-Big East Challenge...played at the Dean Dome that night and got CRUSHED )

Looks like it's gonna become an alternate (which isn't all that bad, seeing throwbacks usually are a good thing (as long as they look good...let's just say I ain't pining to see Kentucky bust out the denims again :lol: ))...

These unis were distinctive in the fact they had NO red on them anywhere, while the unis before it and after it always had a bit of red.

Personally, I liked this set...pretty straight forward color wise (seeing the school colors are National Flag Blue and White) and it just looks pretty darn nice.

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As a UConn student, I really liked the throwbacks last night. The change wasn't announced, so it was definately a pleasant surprise. Personally, I like these a little bit more than our regulars. I know that probably wouldn't fly over too well with a majority of UConn fans, or some of the people on this board, but I just like the very clean, simple, traditional feel of this uniform.

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