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Cupla tampa bay lightning concepts

Roger Clemente

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I have no idea who's logo I used.  (EDIT: It's Nitroseed's.  Three cheers for Nitroseed.) I liked it so much that I used it though (even though it looks like a Q). If it's yours, tell me.

Copy and paste:



EDIT Here's another one in just a blue and black jersey: (copy and paste)


--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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rog-if i remember right nitroseed made that logo, and then a whole bunch of folks did lightning concepts with said logo.  btw good job, i like #2.

eriq-only team i know of using a 'fade' or gradient's the canucks (3rd)

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I like it alot. The black with blue stripes reminds me of the inaugural Ottawa Senators jerseys, course their stripes were red. What would their current logo sans the Tampa Bay script look like, or merely the lightning bolt from the current logo with no surround. Meh, on second thought, that would look too much like the Flash.
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