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Hockey movies

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How would you rank the hockey movies?

I'm also looking for a copy or could I borrow the movie -

Rookies (1989)

Cast: Damir Andrei, Yannick Bisson, Jason Blicker  (more)

Director: Paul W. Shapiro

Categories: Drama

Running Time: 97 minutes  


A plucky seventeen-year old hockey player proves that he is good enough to play on the Canadian national team in this drama.

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I never understood the Mighty Ducks. How do the District Champions become the junior olympic team. and then after they win the junior olympic gold, they end up on a JV team.

I'm thinking what an idiot coach, they just one the olympics put them on varsity. Anyways, they go on as the JV team to beat the Varsity team. Now, if the aren't good enough to be on the varsity (even though they are the olympic champs), how do they beat the varsity team. And since they are beat the Varsity team, did they become the new varsity team?? ???

And what's with the jersey switching before the 3rd periods. Is this even allowed under the rules. And if you think those jersey's bring good luck why didn't you wear them for the entire game. And this set me up for a shocker when in game 7 of the cup finals when down by 2 goals going into outhe 3rd perios, the ducks didn't change thier jerseys.  :D  :D

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Youngblood? Movie is awesome

Yes, players in street clothes routinely jump on the ice to fight in major junior hockey  :laugh:   The movie youngblood is extremely unrealistic, and portrays a very negative, unreal image of the Canadian Hockey League.

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It's a movie what do you expect? Have to be unreal for little. It's awesome movie, most hockey players think so.

most hockey players get hit in the head a lot  :D

why does it have to be unreal a little?  good ole' hollywood changing reality for no reason.

Tell ya what... watch Les Boys, much better.

Slapshot is also very unrealistic, and I realise this, but it's enjoyable because it's funny more than anything, and not supposed to be seen as realistic.

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The only good hockey movie ever made is Slap Shot.

Amen.  In my case, its the only one I've ever watched more than once.

Having lived in the area where it was principally filmed however, makes knowing dialogue from the movie nearly mandatory though...


Speaking of which they just remodeled the War Memorial Arena (in Johnstown, PA) where the movie was filmed.  Haven't been there yet (going over Xmas) but have seen pictures - you wouldn't recognize the place; they did an awesome job.

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I haven't seen any hockey movies, although apparently slapshot is good! However I am generally of the opinion that sports movies suck in general. I think it is because nothing can top the real drama of sport and if thats what you want watch real sport, not 5th rate actors pretending.

Having said that, Any Given Sunday is a good movie, as is Chariots of Fire.

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