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I think the Twins are about due for a big change.  I like the way the "TC" hat looks, but I agree it should be an "M."  That being said, I'm not a fan of the way the "M" logo looks.  Their road uniform has got to be one of the worst in baseball.  Pinstripes on gray just doesn't do it for me, and the "Minnesota" script needs some sprucing up.  I do like the navy home alternates, though, so I won't totally bash everything!
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Many of you may have noticed this already, months ago, but I just did, and it's driving me crazy. I'm watching Twins - Jays on ESPN, and the Twins are using their "M" caps and jackets, but using the navy "TC" helmets. Do they not have two helmets for each player, one with the "M" and one with the "TC"? If not, they certainly need to!

Helmets can be had by anyone online for about $35 and the decal set is $10. I'm sure the teams could buy quantities and save, or does Rawlings just give these helmets to the teams for promotional puposes? Now that I think about it, they really need to go ahead and have a red "TC" helmet on hand, as well. I'm surprised that in a business with budgets in the hundreds of millions that they would scrimp on $35 helmets.

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I dont think too many teams have seperate home and road helmets.

But then again, not too many teams have home and road caps. All of the teams with full-time home and road caps (Reds, Cubs, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Royals, Tigers, Indians, Athletics) have home and road helmets, as well. This doesn't include alternate caps.

Do the Twins have "M" helmets? If so, one would think that they would've worn them on the day they wore the "M" caps.

While we're on the subject of helmets, I've always thought that teams should bring out "Turn Back The Clock" helmets for use with those uniforms. Even if they used them only one time, they'd surely fetch more on ebay than they paid for them.

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About a week ago I believe the brewers used Turn Back helments. With a block M on them for Milwaukee Braves. I'm almost definate because I was at the game and I'm pretty sure the bills were red, not all navy like the regular brewer helments. Another interesting note on that game (I know there was a thread already) but on the scoreboard the brewers players had the braves logo in the background instead of the brewers logo. It was a pretty bizarre game in the sense of logos and unis.

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IIRC...taking out of my jumbled memory bank...

home and away helmets:









not very many. if you remember, the twins did use to have an M helmet, but i guess they replaced it with the TC helmet a few years ago. and i think the Padres might have home/away helmets but i'm not sure.


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