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Minnesota Twins


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I like the jerseys themselves, but the first reaction I had was that there's some inconsistancy to the numbers.

I really, really like the drop shadowed numbers on the home jersey, but the road has a simple white outline and the alternate has just single color numbers. That's three jerseys and three different number styles. Actually the home jerseys numbers aren't consistant from the front of the jersey to the back either. I'd standardize them for all three jerseys myself, using the drop shadow style. That's a really nice look.


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In general, I tend to like this concept. Rare for me: I think the Twins are near-perfect to begin with.

I didn't even notice at first that you ditched the pinstripes. Normally, that would be a concept-destroyer right there, but I like what you've done with the sleeve and pants stripes. I like the subtle change in the home script shadow. Also, the return of the M cap at home! About time. The Twins are 0-7 going to the playoffs in TC caps; they're 2-2 winning the World Series wearing M caps.

Making the dark blue shirt the standard road uni is a bit radical for my taste, but you present it nicely enough to make me at least consider it. And the Twins have in practice made that their standard road uni anyway. Good job taking something I'm inclined to dislike and convincing me that it would work.

The alternate is still a bit too clownish for my taste. I really don't like when teams mix pinstripes and plain uniforms: Pick one and stick with it. And as hot and humid as summer feels to Minnesotans, who after all go into most summers with recent memories of -40 windchills, Minnesota has milder summers than pretty much everywhere else I've ever been in summer. And the lack of serious summer swelter is to me a disqualifying mark against sleeveless unis. In just a couple of seasons, the Twins are going to have to start worrying about snowouts, and no team that has to worry about snowouts should be fiddling around with sleeveless jerseys.

On the St. Paddy's jersey, it needs some red. On the Twins script at least, and probably the numbers too. Really, though, if the Twins are going to have an ethnic holiday jersey, it should probably be Syttende Mai, which would have to be an all-red jersey with blue script and numbers, worn for May 17 home games.

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I think that's a GREAT set! I am a big fan of the alternate! Would you be willing to share that template? If so could send it to: ndesign.studios at gmail.com

just check the templates section

It's only in raster format in the templates section.....Not a very good version of it either....

Could someone post the vector (.ai) version of this template please?



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As clean and nice as some of these are... there are a lot of inconsistencies that affects my enjoyment of the set.

Why do some of them have drop shadows, some have outlines, some have no outlines... numbering and logo-work is just way too inconsistent.

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