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What grocery store do you use


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St. Louis is an oddity in that the three largest supermarket chains are locally-owned independents.  The two I frequent the most are Dierbergs and quite possibly the worst name for a grocery store (or at least up there with Piggly Wiggly) -- Schnuck's.
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why does everyone hate wal-mart so much. yeah i know they have the evil empire label, but they are just as cutthroat as the rest of them.

the hate isn't so much for wal-mart, it's for the rednecky trash that i have to avoid like the plague when i am in there....it's for the retarded people that work there and don't know where anything is when i need to find something.....it's for the fact that when i need to get in and out quickly, that never happens....it's for the fact that they claim to have everything, yet i can't find any good spices or ethnic food i like whenever i go there.......it's for their piss poor music selection.....it's for their s**t quality clothes......it's for the garbage my family and my kids get as gifts (while the thought is nice) from there......among many other things.

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Here in southern New England, we've got a decent variety:

* Stop & Shop (my favorite, but not to be confused with the Ohio chain of the same name)

* Shaw's

* Big Y

* Waldbaum's/A&P

My in-town grocer, Tri-Town Foods, isn't bad, but sometimes bigger is better. They're also expensive on some stuff.


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What kind of topic is this. I noticed a lot of "regional" stores in there. I have heard of some them. The PiggyWiggly is my favourite name! :D In the Toronto area, there are Loblaws (you know, the one that was going to use MLG) A&P/Dominion Highland Farms, Longo's, Price Chopper etc. etc. In California, I've seen Ralph's and Albertson's.

Say, anyone been to a Wal-Mart that is two storeys tall?

I saw, I came, I left.

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In britain the main 'supermarkets' as we call them are tesco's sainsbury's, asda (owned by walmart) and safeway. Safeways are about to be taken over by the next big thing in UK food retail, Morrisons, who have had stores in the north of the country for a while and are looking to expand nationwide!

Well you did ask!


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Wal-Mart AKA WALLY WORLD is nothing a Bunch of Commies trying to take over the Retail Markets

If they're commies, why are they so uber-capitalistic?  

Communists want one thing for all people.  That's why there were shoe lines, TP lines, etc.  One for all, all for one, no one has better than the other.

If anything, Wal-Mart is moving towards being Monopolistic, by moving into the smaller towns, undercutting the small business owners, and (hopefully, to them) being the only option around.

Nope, not commies.

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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