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NFL Concepts - Packers


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I'm going to be honest, I like these. I can't imagine them ever being used, but, for what they are, they are very nice. They are simple, and I think the colors look very nice together. The white jersey/white pants combo doesn't look great, but, The other two look fine. Very nice.

That said, Green Bay. Two words. Not Greenbay. Also, although this has nothing to do with sports but it ticks me off, Green Day. Two words. Not Greenday. Thank you.


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the colors look very muted, dull, and dirty... i'm not a fan of that...

and what color are the helmets? because a gold and green G on a gold helmet would look weird.

and i'm not a fan of uniforms that have a logo there, like the bengals... just my opinion though. it's well done and clean, i just don't like it.

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The gold outline is lost on the white jersey.

If you have to put your team's logo on the chest to identify who they are, then you've failed to identify who they are in the concept (that's my pet peeve for all teams who have gone to placing their logo on the chestplate).

It's where I sit.

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I like these. A lot. Packers would never go this way, and that's too bad. I even think metallic gold is overdone in pro sports and I still like this concept a lot.

What's that? You've got some unsplit hairs piled up out by the shed? Well, then allow me to split some of them for you. No, no, don't thank me; it's my pleasure:

1. The G logo. The dark green and the dark gold are too similar in tone. Makes for a fuzzy edge between them and an indistinct G letter. Probably needs a white border around the G.

2. I usually don't mind white-on-white football uniforms, if only because I find gridiron football to be basically unwatchably dull, so what the heck, let them wear pajamas and be honest about the character of the sport. But something I can't quite put my finger on bothers me about these all-whites. Not up to the standards of the rest of your concept, in any event. I think you need to go with green pants here. If you have to go all one color for a third uniform, stick with green.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I particularly like the old-school stripes. Very nice.

Final question: What color socks do you have in mind for these uniforms?

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Thank you all for the great input. I'm working the update as we speak. But I have to ask, does anyone have a decent raster or .psd of a helmet? I've had some trouble getting a good one, so I was just wondering if anyone could help. Thanks.

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That certainly is retro: they don't even have helmets!

The green jersey is nice, but the white-on-white looks like some jumpsuit type thing.

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