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So it seems to me like the Cavs have stopped wearing the red uniforms. I know they're still around, but they've worn nothing but the blues this postseason. And as someone who places uniform consistency above all else, I made a white version of the blue alternates. I also changed the number font to something that I prefer over the current number font. Tell me what you think.


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i believe that you can only wear two uniforms in the postseason, so when the cavaaliers wore the blue roads for the first away game, that sealed the deal, forcing them to only wear the blue jerseys in the playoffs.

Not true, the Jazz have worn all of teir uniforms this postseason. Their homes, their primary roads ,which they wore the first three road games against Houston, and their alternate roads which they have worn since game seven against Houston.

I don't think a home version of the Cavs alternate is as good as I had envisioned either. Not bad, just meh. I'd prefer the Cavs to keep their set how it is. Keep the home as home, away as away, and alternate as alternate. Don't switch alternates and primaries, it's fine as it is. This concept isn't bad though, just a little above average, though I think that you should go back to the numbers they currently use. The numbers you picked (though mostly rounded) have a square feeling to them while the wordmark is curvy. This makes for a total contrast, one that I don't think would fly with this set. Not bad work, Mac, I just like their current home and alternate more.


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