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Crazy Uniforms


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I was doing some investagating custom mcfarlane figures and i stumbled across a photography website based in texas. I saw two figures on the top of the screen and I was shocked at one uniform and amazed at the other. Here is the pictures


this one is pretty cool. reminds me of a combination of niketeams miami and kentucky's templates.


if this is real then the school must be down right insane to dress their team that way.

Website: http://www.frozen-in-motion.com/CUSTOMFIGURE.html

anybody know anything about either or these?

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Believe it or not, there ARE teams that dress like that. The Murfreesboro Musicians (WBA Basketball) have a set that is half white, half red. You would think that wouldn't be allowed for play, but I saw one game and that's actually what they wore. Here's the best pic I could find off hand.


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I also do custom McFarlane figures. That 50/50 unifrom is a home and away

custom for personalized figures. I have done one but alittle different.


That is really cool! Why did you leave the dart on the Texas side of the helmet?

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