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Nashville Knights re-up


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The set up...

The Nashville Knights are a former ECHL hockey team in Nashville. They had a very successful run from the late 80's-Mid 90's. They are The Reason I am a hockey nut.

The Motivation...


I always loved the old logo...but felt that it needed some work...it was Asymetrical, and just a little too busy.

So, I decided to modernize it, make it black and white, and see what happened.

So here goes...CnC would be appreciated, as it is a work in progress.



Edit: Added a home jersey set


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I like it. It's a subtle but definite upgrade over the original mark (which, IMO, was pretty cool to begin with). I also like the "NK" logo. I can't wait to see these in colour, and possibly on a jersey template.

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Reminds me of the wheeling nailers logo.

Yeah, their logo was some what inspired by the Knights, I think. I looked at the Nailers' and the Memphis Grizzlies' logo when I was sketching this up.

Thanks for the support y'all. I'm trying to find ways to bring some color back into it.

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I wouldn't worry to much about the colour. The original was mostly black and silver, with some colour in the sticks. I would go a similar route with this upgrade. Add some orange and blue to the tape on the stick blades, but keep it primarily silver and black. Save the colour for the uniforms.

I would colourize the "NK" logo though. On a white background I would go with an orange "N" and a blue "K". On an orange background I would go with a white "N" and a blue "K", and on a blue background I would go with an orange "N" and a white "K".

Just my suggestions though. You've done a great job so far, so I'm not to worried about how you'll go about adding colour.

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