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8 New Aba Franchises Announced


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I think Gwizzlies is a great name does Elmer Fudd dserve a team to cheer for a team that he could call his own?

I for one think he does and Im glad he can go cheer on the gwizzlies without be laughed at. :wacko::blink:

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I'm sure that the communities targeted for expansion are thrilled over the prospect of landing ABA basketball (all traces of sarcasm intended).

This is a league that has yet to complete it's regular season in any of it's three years of existance. This is a league that had it's Jersey Squires team play in three different locations this year because the franchise's owner was SO financially insolvent, he couldn't pay the rent to a series of facilities. This is a league that routinely announced that games had been "postponed" or cancelled (the former being a euphemism for the latter... there was really no difference what the press releases announced) due to weather or travel problems, when - in fact - said games almost always involved franchises that had failed to pay players on time or didn't have the cash to book flights. This is a league that has determined that this season's championship game will be hosted by the Long Beach Jam (not coincidentally, one of the league's best draws at the gate), despite the fact that the Jam weren't guaranteed of finishing ahead of the Kansas City Knights in the standings. This is a league that has granted the Portland, Oregon expansion team to a busineswoman with THREE bankruptcies on her resume. This is a league that has granted the Nashville, Tennessee expansion team to a second tier "bubble-gum pop" teen singer.

In short, the ABA is a TRAVESTY!

Brian in Boston

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I hate the fact that this league is even allowed to carry the ABA name, soling the classic league's good name.

Unlike the WHA which seems to have some serious solid backing behind, most due to a looming work stoppage in the NHL in all likelyhood.

This ABA puts the classic league where Dr. J played to shame its a minor league that makes other minor leagues look like the big time.

This league is for those who could not make the CBA or the NBDL, and its a total joke the team names are ajoke, and it gets no coverage, and it deserves no coverage.

In fact if the league called itself the IBA we would not even been talking about it now. Its a joke and will be gone within 5 years.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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