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FSN's "Rinkside View"


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During Sunday's Ducks/Coyotes game, and tonight's Ducks/Kings game, FSN/Prime Ticket has been experimenting with something they call "Rinkside View." Basically, it's 6 cameras - 3 robotic, 3 manned - around the perimeter of the rink, with supposedly more microphones around the board. In theory, this should provide the viewer with a more intimate viewing experience, as well as a way of translating the speed of hockey better onto television.

Note I said "in theory." The end result has, so far, been a jarring, disjointed experience that seems to interrupt the flow of the game (almost as much as the endless stream of Anaheim penalties) and honestly, makes it more difficult in general to follow the action. Maybe if they implemented an overhead wire cam, they could be onto something. But as it stands, to me, it's just a mess.

Anyone else out there watching, and/or possibly enjoying the experience?

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There was a ton of negative feedback for the first Ducks game.

The heads of FSN had been notified and were supposedly thinking of pulling it for this game, but that didn't happen. Either because they already had it set up or they wanted to get Kings fans' feedback.

It's a nice idea, it's just hard to see the puck deep in the corners if they dont switch from the center ice cam (which they forget to do at times) or if the camera is too slow to keep up with play and you lose it...

RIP Rinkside View


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I seem to remember FSN West doing this sort of thing an Angels game before. They had the camera in the dugout to give you that different perspective. I bet the rinkside view looks great in HD and it seems to be a cool idea, but I am not digging it. It makes it hard to see some parts of the surface and the constant camera swings and changes upset my stomach.

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Not a fan.

I didn't like the camera angles on that one, but I loved the no announcers. That's from November 2007, maybe they did something worse this time.

Since we have 2 FSN channels out here, last year they had a simulcast. Prime Ticket had the game with normal angles, graphics, announcers, etc while FSN West had the Rinkside view minus all the above.

This year they combined it. They had Rinkside with announcers, graphics and it was only on one channel. They also added a few more cameras and angles to give you a more "full" experience.

Here is a LINK to the story about it on the Ducks website with all the details and the proposed schedule.

It says that it will be used again tonight for Ducks/Oilers. I'll be at the game so I wont have to deal with it, but I hope to God for the rest of the fans that they are done with it.

It's a great idea, but since all the angles are so close up they have to constantly be switching cameras so you can follow play. It's beautiful in HD for several minutes but it quickly wears thin

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Mind the bump.

Interesting note, I just saw a spot on FSN Prime Ticket advertising a Lakers game that would be in a standard broadcast on FSN West, and then from "Courtside View" on Prime Ticket. This should be interesting.

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