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New Sig series (all sports)


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Hey guys.

A while back I did RBK edge coathanger sigs and wallpapers. Someone asked if I was going to do other sports. I never got around to it, but now I am going to, with a new look.

Here is the original sig:


So, I went back to the drawing board, used templates I have for all 4 major sports, and I came up with these. You might have seen them in my personal signature for about a week, last week I think. I will post examples of every sport. If there is a high demand for soccer then I will probably end up adding that.





(Yes, GBM, I used the template that you don't like.)

PS: I know I have the tendency to just stop doing these. That usually results from me getting bored, or a long layoff, which also ends up in me getting bored of them. If you have had a request never filled, in any of my sig series, just tell me and I will do yours first. I feel like I owe you at least that.

I hope you like!

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How bout the Cleveland Cavs alt. (navy) #23

Ohio State Buckeyes football jersey (red) #2

Cleveland Indians Alt (Navy)

Cleveland Browns Primary Home (Brown) #16

Thanks a lot.

Take your time.

They look great.



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Man these are Great, could I get a Crimson Alabama one w/ the Home Jersey, and a White Alabama one w/ the Away jersey, thanks in advance!

-Edit- I forgot, could I get them with the number 12 thanks!

                                                      Check out my new NFL 2016 Series!


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The team names get lost in the background color. The world Browns and Buckeyes should pop out more. Sorry to be critical, but I think a small change would make them better.

For a request, I'll have a Montreal Canadiens with a red jersey please.

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Finishing LEWJ's request:



I'm not positive about the striping, I looked on LEWJ's uniform resource, and I looked on Sportslogos.net, and they were different...so...I'm not sure.

Nice job. The striping is correct.

They had very thin brown trim between the stripes until 2005, then they switched to the current striping.

Thanks a lot, and great job.



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