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Forgotten Contests?


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maybe i just missed the results... or maybe i didn't pay attention to deadlines, and the contests are still technically open...

but what ever happened to that minnesota wild in 20's contest?

i think there were 2 or 3 more as well that just sorta dropped off the face of the earth :(

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Yeah, speaking of that.. is there any way we can integrate the voting and the original posting thread? Like, can the initial thread be a poll thread, but with no choices filled out, then, when the dealine passes, the poll choices can be filled out? Or si there a way to integrate a poll afterwards nto the thread? or can you latch two threads together or something?

Not complaining, just seeing if there was someway to amke things even easier..


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this is exactly why there should be a separate forum for the challenges. we took a poll on the matter on the GD board, and its seems the vast majority is in favor of a separate forum for the challenges

Why it hasnt happend yet, I dont know. but thats for the administrators to handle

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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