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Hello, all!

Good to see everyone in here--I rarely venture out of the concept and request sections these days, but with my renewed interest in graphics (being laid off will do that to you...) I wanted to get some feedback on and air out some of the ideas for my design studio identity.

First are the logos. These logos are about 2 years old with the exception of logo #1, which I whipped up today on a whim. I'd appreciate C&C: Which ones are trash? Which ones (if any) are gold? How would you rank these from best to worst? Any constructive criticism is welcome :)


Next is my presentation template. I've created this over the last week, and was going for simple with subtle complexity, with kind of a hologram watermark. As an aside--it was incredibly hard to restrain myself and stay subtle with so much color!

Anyway, the center portion where the logo goes is transparent so any text, colors etc that may be behind the .png would show through the hologrammed portion and look pretty freakin' neat I believe.

C&C? Did I waste my time doing this? Is it missing something? Too much of something?


Thanks for taking the time to consider these--sometimes you're too close to a project to view it objectively and I wanted to get other's perspective as well. Thanks again--CCSLC ROCKS!

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I saw the one in your sig and thought it was a nice logo, and it's definitely the best of the bunch (4). Just fix the top of the pyramid.

I really like the template, but is there a color gradient? Make it a solid color and it's good.

Looks like there is a gradient, but it's not part of the design, it's part of the template. Another way to keep people from ripping off his design.

I agree that the top of the pyramid needs work, but everything else looks great! I like the sGs at the bottom of the template, looks like mountains. Logo 2 and the button aren't doing it for me, they don't seem to fit with the other logos, they're too graffiti-ish IMO.

Best: 4 Second: 1 Third: 3

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I like Logo 3 the best...without the wordmark.

Basically, all of the gradients are killing me...and the colors are kinda drab (remind me of drafting drawing board).

My personal logo kinda looks like #4...so don't do that one! haha

I also think the SGS button and thing above it are hideous...I'm sorry, but they just look thuggish and ghetto for some reason- the opposite of clean and professional.

Again, I'd work with number 3 somehow...but definitely introduce a better color palette and alter the wordmark to make it work.

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That's for the input, everyone! It seems like for the most part you all like and dislike different ones with small exceptions.

I personally liked logo #1 the best but wasn't sure it represented a "summit" enough. Delayed saw the mountains in it though so maybe it is summity enough :) I'll tinker with the pyramid one since it's been unchanged since I first put it together a couple years ago.

The gradient is actually 3 different sublte gradients (1 color 2 greytone) that I was trying to make a hologram effect with. Were I to remove the color completely = no hologram, and of course if I removed all the gradients = no hologram.

I've toned the gradient down probably 5 times to try and get it subtle yet have the look I want, and after a few days away from the thing I think I can take it down another notch still. I need to find the happy medium between subtle and still strong enough to be a watermark that will actually help protect.

I know it's very different from any other watermark out there which probably makes it harder to swallow, but different is what I'm going for :)

Thanks again for your feedback everyone!

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I like your third option the best, but I'd lose the 3-D effect. I'd go one color (maybe two) and make it flat. I think the hologram effect's working, for the most part. It cold look "shinier" I guess, but I think then it'd be distracting.

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