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UCLA Football thinking about wearing Throwbacks for a game in 2009


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ucla considering thrwbacks for a game

Throwback talk

By Brian Dohn on February 9, 2009 11:55 AM | Permalink | Comments (42) | ShareThis

UCLA is contemplating the idea of wearing a throwback uniform for a game in the 2009 season, and right now the throwback being discussed goes back to the Gary Beban era.

It is a light blue jersey with a pair of white stripes on the shoulders and white numerals. UCLA wore plain gold helmets.

The target for throwback day is UCLA's homecoming game, which would allow the school to celebrate the program's history.

Beban played at UCLA in the mid 1960s, and won the Heisman Trophy in 1967.

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Great... another throwback for the sake of throwbacks. If they'd just go back to the Toledo-era numbers, they'd have the throwback look without looking dated.

i think throwbacks are great in general, once a year anyways.

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Man, those old UCLA uniforms were gay. They must have felt like sissies and played like prima donnas.

I sense a pre-ban meltdown.

Naw, just ignore him. And ask MJ and all the Tar Heels and players for John Wooden and 10 championships and players under Terry Donahue and all those bowl wins how sissy they felt after they won their contests proving that black or whatever color he considers "manly" lost to them.

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