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Teams with color problems


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I recently noticed (I'm probably late) that some teams colors on the gridiron and the hardwood dont match up.

UCLA and Baylor both used that metallic modern gold in football, but use the more traditional solid gold in basketball.

is there a reason for teams not matching up? and are there any more who have this problem?



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it's kinda funny, a lot of UCLA teams didn't match each other until recently...for instance, until a few years ago the softball team wore royal blue and yellow, and baseball used to wear navy and yellow gold.


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Of course, there's also the issue of UCLA football using navy along with the metallic gold.

My high school was the same way. Colors are brown and gold, but the gym is painted with yellow in the murals and the soccer/cross country uniforms use yellow.


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My guess is that nobody with a life thinks it's that important.

aren't you a ray of sunshine. :P

I've always noticed that too. I don't know why they do that, it's probably what NYY said, tradition is the reason behind it.

that seems to be the most logical of answers.



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Washington had a similar problem until Nike came in and made sweeping changes to all sports 7 or 8 years ago. At the time, I remember hearing that it was partly tradition that some teams used yellow while others used gold, and partly because there was no common leadership across different sports. Leave it to Nike to take care of that.

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