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MLS Redesign


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Ok so the other night i got this crazy idea. I hate how in the us we only have one soccer league mls and how they only play in 14 cities. And how we don't have a relegations or a promotions, which to me bring a lot of excitement to the game. So i have am idea for a 3 league system with 60 teams. Thats 20 teams per league so stayin with the current 14 team i need 46 more teams. So if you want to join submit your city and team name. You can have multiple teams or you can have a concept for a existing team in other leagues in the us or canada currently not in mls. Sorry i have to do this on my phone my computer is down. I'll post the number templates and badge templates when i get it back on friday. Oh and all the teams don't have to have addidas. So have fun i'll update everything on friday. Try to make the names as european as can be.

So all I Need is

Team Name:




And the concepts i need the Badge or Crest, Home Jersey, Away Jersey, and Alternate.


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1. St. Paul FC (St.Paul, MN)- BJBerthiaume-Xcel Energy Center- Target

2. Electric City Soccer Club(Scranton,PA)- JQK-PNC Field- Need a Sponsor

3. Boston United (Bosont, MA)-patsox-Harvard Stadium-Gillette

4. Hajduk Cleveland F.C. (Cleveland,OH)-keeper-Cleveland Browns Stadium- BP

5. Baton Rouge Kingfish (Baton Rouge,LA)-firefly-BREC Memorial Stadium-Tabasco

6. Arsenal City Newark USA FC (Newark, New Jersey)-Saturn- Need A Sponsor and Pitch

7. Need Team Name (Minneapolis,MN)-udubs03-Need A Sponsor and Pitch

8. Stampede A.F.C. (Calgary, Alberta)- TheMasterBrendin...McMahon Stadium -Petro-Canada

9. Ottawa Torrent FC (Ottawa, ON)-penguin20- The City of Ottawa Palladium-Scotiabank

10. AS Tampa (Tampa,FL)-theflakeband- Tropicana Field-Tech Data

11. Brew City (Milwaukee, WI)-MBurmy-Uihlein Soccer Park- Miller Lite

12. FC Las Vegas (Las Vegas,NV)-The NSL- Need A Pitch- "Welcome to Las Vegas"

13. Phoenix Athletic Club (PAC)(Glendale-Phoenix, AZ)- AJM-University of Phoenix Stadium-US Airways

14. Real St.Petersburgh (St.Petersburgh, FL)-ChuckDownfield -St.Pete Times Forum-Corona

15. Port City, S.C. (Shreveport, LA)-GeauxColonels- Independence Stadium-Harrah's

16. Steel City(Pittsburgh,PA)-maz-Heinz Field-FedEx

17. Olympic Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)-Drew22-Turner Field-Coca-Cola

18. Honolulu Paradise FC (Honolulu, HA)-juggoo-Aloha Stadium-Dole Food Company

19. Triange FC (Raleigh,NC)-dgnmrwrw- Carter Finley Stadium-SAS

20. General Motors FC (Detroit,MI)-joshhocker-Rynearson Stadium- General Motors

21. AC Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)-cappital92-Johnny Unitas Stadium- Old Bay

22. Granite City A.F.C.(Austin, TX)-Perfect Zero-Darrell K. Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium-Dell Computers

23. Timbers F.C. (Portland, OR)-Stanley Duck-PGE Park-Widmer Brothers Brewing

24. Altitude Olympic (Colorado Springs, CO)-Firefly-Security Service Field- United States Air Force

25. Prairie FC(Wichita, KS)-Firefly-Cessna Stadium- Cessna

26. Big Sky FC(Montana)-chrisClement-Washington Grizzly Stadium-University of Montana & Burton Snowboards

27. AC Palouse(W. Washington)-chrisClement-Martin Stadium-Washington State University & Microsoft

28. Blues Union(Memphis, TN)-eRay-Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium-FedEx

29. Amp Cincinnati(Cincinnati, OH)-Beast Mode-Need A Pitch-Amp Energy Drinks

30. Greenville (Greenville, SC)-Cigaro-Greenville Football Grounds-BMW

31. Miami Fusion F.C.(Miami,FL)-theflakeband-New Orange Bowl-Allstate

32. The Bay F.C(San Fransisco,CA)-theflakeband-at&t Park-Apple Inc.

33. Deportivo Rio Grande(El Paso, TX)-firefly-Patriot Stadium-El Paso Corporation

34. DSV Orlando(Orlando,FL)-theflakeband-Hess Sports Field-Disney

35. Gotham City Athletic(New York City, NY)-eRay-Giants Stadium-Gatorade

36. Vancouver Destroyers FC(Vancouver, B.C.)-rdsx246-BC Place- Need A Sponsor

37. Flower City FC(Rochester, NY)-chestnutz6-PAETEC Park-Kodak

38. Indianapolis Premier Soccer Club (Indianapolis,IN)-sizemorematters-Lucas Oil Stadium-Simon Malls

39. Need A Team Name(Indianapolis,IN)-dwboiler-Lilly Field-Finish Line

40. Roustabout Sporting(Tulsa, OK)-firefly-Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium-Williams Companies

41. Erie Commodores FC(Erie, PA)-vmd9-Need A Pitch-General Electric

42. Club Athletico de San Antonio(San Antonio,TX)-TalktoChuck-Blossom Soccer Stadium-UOB

43. Islander FC(Honolulu, Hawaii)-TalktoChuck-Aloha Stadium-BBVA Compass Bank

44. AS Boulder(Boulder, CO)-TalktoChuck-Folsom Field-Noodles and Company

45. Norfolk Armada Soccer Club(Norfolk, VA)-scottysrings-Need A Pitch-Northrop Grumman

46. Green Mountain FC(Burlington, VT)-TalktoChuck-Centennial Field-Burton

Here is the badge and numbers. Try to keep the home numbers all white. Feel free to take and edit. I would like this league to be the best it can be.



Use the numbers on the bottom

Let the Posting Begin.

Thanks to everybody who decided to help out. :woot:

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So select American or Canadian cities that aren't in or will be in MLS? That'll be interesting to see the breakdown of the league without focusing a product on heavily populated areas.

Also, once you get back to your computer, can you tone down your "name change petition" sig?

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Name: Electric City Soccer Club

Location: Scranton, PA

Home Pitch: PNC Field - Moosic, PA

Capacity: 10,982, with possible expansion with removable stands if promoted

(Recieved special permission from Mandalay Bay/SWB Yankees to use facility, and will use a similar "grass infield patch" that DC United used at RFK Stadium when they and the Nationals shared the facility to cover up the crushed brick infield during soccer play)

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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I'd like to get in on this.

Team Name: Ottawa Torrent FC

Location: Ottawa, ON

Stadium: The City of Ottawa Palladium

Sponsor: Scotiabank

This looks like a lot of fun, and without forced adidas I now have to make up what kit sponsor I want to use, darn.


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Team Name:AS Tampa

Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Stadium: Tropicana Field

Sponsor: at&t

No Mutiny!?!? :cry:

Anyway how about

Team Name: Real St.Petersburgh

Location: St.Petersburgh, FL

Stadium: St.Pete Times Forum

Sponsor: Corona



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Name: Arsenal City Newark USA FC (Newark, New Jersey)

Colors: Probably Red/White/Blue

I'll think of the rest of the details later.


Name: FC Las Vegas

Colors: Black, Blood Red, Vegas Gold

Sponsor: Depends on the casino (Away), Las Vegas itself (Will be represented by the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, Home)

Stadium: Undecided (Might make one up)

I'll get back to you on the other ideas.....

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Team Name: Phoenix Athletic Club (PAC)

Location: Glendale-Phoenix, Arizona

Stadium: University of Phoenix Stadium

Sponsor: US Airways

Colors: Maroon, Copper, White

(MLF) Chicago Cannons,  (IHA) Phoenix Firebirds - 2021 Xtreme Cup Champions

(WAFL) Phoenix Federals - WAFL World Bowl XII Champions (Defunct)

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