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Soccer in the US


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I think you need to redfine your question. I think there is a vast difference between:

A. Markets which have high amounts of youth play.

B. Markets which soccer is popular as a spectator sport.

I agree, St. Louis is youth-centric, like Raleigh/Cary, NC, and even Dallas since the Dallas Cup is held there. Portland and Rochester seem good for fan interest, but in reality the US is pretty simple since post-NASL. Kids love to play (especially ages 5-9; parents like to see their kids play; but kids and parents don't necessarily like to see professionals play live. Beckham is this eras Pele, and the lower tier players making the MLS switch don't even have 25% the cache regardless of their worldwide fame.

Markets with still emerging Latino populations should be better got soccer's growth, but the lack of govt funding to recreation may have fields empty.

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You mean outside the MLS teams?

How bout: St. Louis, Miami, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Raleigh, Portland, for starters?

I echo these statements...outside of current MLS markets.

St. Louis, Atlanta, Portland, Montreal, Ottawa, Phoenix

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Here in Indy, I swear half the kids play soccer. All my friends are on a travel team, so Indy might work.

You find that in every major city it seems. Atlanta is just like that.

Yeah I don't get it, all the kids play soccer (and I don't), yet I follow soccer more than 98% of them, and I hardly pay attention.

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There are a ton of kids in Buffalo that play soccer, but pro soccer is not popular at all. Most kids are more interested in Football, Baseball, and Hockey. However in Rochester the Rhinos are doing very well, probably because they have been there for a while and got kids interested.

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