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Best Practical Joke You Have Ever Been Involved In


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Well, with tomorrow being April Fools, I figure I'd start up a thread. Well, the best practical joke, I have ever benn a part of was earlier this year. I told a few friends to start out with to test their Duke knowledge that I was going to Blair Academy. For those of you who don't know Luol Deng went to Blair Academy. So, anywho back to my story, well they told their parents and told some other kids. So anyways people started Instant Messaging me on AOl, going Dan your moving away. So, I decided the heck with it, I'll go along with it. So, eventually it got to all my teachers and well after having a teacher say she wanted to kill me, I told them I wasn't going any where. I am almost got kicked off a basketball team for that one, because one of the original kids I told really feel for it, so he told his Dad that I was moving away and that they needed to find a replacement player. Needless to say, they caught him before he talked to the Y. :D




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last year we had a few prnats going on, including moving my one friend's entire room down the hall into another apartment, switching my roommates' room wiht the living room (was he surprised to find us on the couch where his bad used to be drinking his beer) and our milk crate shelving unit into the girls washroom, in a locked stall with an out of order sign on the door

rez sure was fun until the double cohort ruined it, i'm glad I dodged that bullet :D

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zerodotcom squirted me with a watergun on my birthday last year  :cursing:

oooooooh yeah...that was fun...dunno how i'm gonna top that one this year B)

Just remember two things...

1) your b-day is before mine

2) I'm working all day on my b-day :D


Chris Creamer
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My two favorite of all time that I've pulled...

1. KWHL in Anchorage was having a contest where when you heard the song "Hey Jude", if you were the 106th caller, you won $1000. So I taped the morning show and spliced in "Hey Jude" in the middle of it, then got to work before everyone else and instead of turning on the radio, popped in my tape. So people just heard the morning show talk, a couple of songs, then "Hey Jude" came on and this one lady called in and got through and they informed her that they were playing some other song on the radio. They thought it was such a great practical joke that they constantly played her call for weeks, and they gave me some stuff...

2. Our receptionist had cleaned out her attic and found two cheesy looking figurines that she gave my boss as a gag gift. That weekend, we faked an official letterhead and after watching some episodes of "Antique Roadshow" to get the lingo down, we typed up a letter from a fake appraisal company that claimed the pieces were each worth about $1500 (one was a little less because of a crack in the base). My boss showed it to her and she spent the whole week asking people if the boss was going to do the right thing and return them to her. She eventually forgot about the whole thing and never found out it was a joke until after she left and somebody mentioned it to her...

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My personal best was when, through the communications wizardry I knew at the time (mid-80's. "Wizardry" in this case meaning the ability to splice tape and rig PA and broadcasting equipment thanks to a stint at a local radio station as a DJ), managed to broadcast to the 4,000 or so in attendance at my high school's homecoming game, in the enthusiastic voice of the teacher who did the announcement no less, that the Homecoming Queen was... my buddy Neal, who was standing with his girlfriend (an actual homecoming queen contestant) on the 50-yard line.

The team could've used him - I've never seen someone run off a field so fast in a tux in all my life...


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I can't think of any pranks. Although one time I did make a logo for a teacher of mine, because he looks and sounds a look like Ben Stein, so I put his face onto a dollar bill and called the show "Win ****** ****'s Money!" The whole knew about it because it was set to the background of every computer. He thought it was funny and then told me to get rid of it.

My father sometimes likes to make obscene phone calls to family and friends using his dead-on impersonation of Rusty the Rooster from "The Friendly Giant". Stitches always ensue.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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smzim, story 1 was a good one.

an easy prank is to wrap a piece of electrical tape engaging the kitchen sink sprayer, and aim it in the base so when victim washes hands/plates, they get sprayed. in our shop breakroom you can sit around and wait for the action.

Carolina Dreamin'


When a robotic Nixon is on the loose, we have a duty to take action.

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The best one I ever heard of was a few years ago. Opie and Anthony were stationed in Boston at the time. The made an announcment that Mayor Menino had died. It sent a few people threw the roof and that's when they got fired.

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Way back during my 1st college days, I worked for a local drug store where practical jokes where part of the daily routine. Here are a couple of my favs from those days.

Myself and a buddy of mine were in charge of last day jokes. If you going to be leaving the company we made it a trend for a good joke to be played. This is the best of those:

The Asst GM of the store was leaving so we jacked up his Dodge (not sure of the model) Colt with a pallet jack, put in up on plastic waterbottle crates and pulled out the jack. His tires where about a 1/4 inch off the road so he could not drive away. We then took at shrink wrap and wrapped his car with shaving cream in between each layer.

Through out the day we had people paging us and asking if he knew where he was so he would run out to check his car. So just as his party started is when we ran out and wrapped the car. We came back in, handed him a box knife and a note wishing him the best.

Another hit, was we had some running gags with the comestic girls. They had to come in at 4 am one morning to get ready for the christmas rush. So, I hung up all their work uniforms from the ceiling in the warehouse and hide the ladders. Filled all their comestic cases with packing peanuts and a note in each unit (about 10 on them) that gave the instructions on where the ladders where. I had lefted the glass out of the top to fill the cases, so they only way you could get in after they where filled was to open the cases as normal. This would allow the peanuts to flow out on the fllor....

The best current one, was convincing a new employee he had to go the corporate secretary and get a coupon for a pirate outfit, so he could be on the company float that night at the local parade. If he did not arrange to take part in the parade the VP, and Director of our department would be very upset....We had the whole department in on it to the point the new guy called his wife told her that they had to get a babysitter that night or he could be in trouble at work. He was very happy to find out it was a joke.

Those are some of the better ones....

"Try not to have a good time ... This is supposed to be educational."

- Charles Schulz


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I pulled this one on my message board today:

There is a very strong rumour going around the logo design community that the Red Wings will have a third jersey for the 2004-05 season. The jersey will be designed by Dominik Hasek's "Dominator" clothing company, will be black and have "Al the Octopus" as the crest and the Winged Wheel as shoulder logos. The design will feature red shoulders with white diagonal stripes. Here is a mock-up of the jersey, which will be very close to the new design, barring any last minute changes:


Of course, it would never fly here because everybody knows about that template. :P

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